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In Okinawa
A special experience

You can learn about Japanese /

Okinawa culture and Japanese values.

You can also learn basic Japanese manners.


Only 48 students can enroll. Small class sizes are used.

1. Admission Requirements

    for Student Visa Applicants

If your home country is not listed on this page, One of the following is required: a - c. 

a. Those who have at least JLPT N5 level of Japanese       Language Proficiency Test.

b. Those who have studied Japanese for at least 150       hours (proof of academic qualifications is         


c. Those who have received a 4-year college degree       or higher.

3. Teaching Hours

40 weeks per year, 2 classes per day
(90 minutes per class)

There are morning (9:00-12:10) and afternoon

(12:20-15:30) classes according to the level.

Please confirm at the time of application to obtain detailed information.

2. Semester

First semester: April 1 - September 30  
Second semester: October 1 - March 31

We have about one month of summer vacation in August and about one month of spring vacation in March.

Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and the end and beginning of the year are holidays.

4. Application Period

The months in which you can apply for a student visa are Only 3 times a year

(April, July, October)

Applications must be submitted to the Immigration Bureau of Japan 3-4 months prior to visa application, so early consultation is recommended.

Application Documents


Dormitory details please click here

Enrollment Flow


​〒901-2212 沖縄県宜野湾市長田4-13-1

日本語教育振興協会 認定番号:B479 異文化間コミュニケーションセンター附属日本語学校

Accredited by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education: B479 

Cross Cultural Communication Center Annexed Japanese School 

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