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​Good Choice!

Study Abroad

in Okinawa

Small class curriculum with high learning efficiency.

Established in 1989

Cross Cultural Communication Center
Annexed Japanese School

Good learning environment

classrooms are surrounded by flowers and green, and you can feel the refreshing breeze coming through the windows. If you want to learn Japanese slowly and thoroughly, we can offer you the best place. 


Course  Introduction

We have different types of courses for different needs and learning styles so that our students can enjoy learning and improve steadily.


About  School

The teaching style of CCCC is a little different from the other school. The class was very funny all the time. You can learn Japanese from different way. Sometimes, teachers showed us the newspaper and explained for us. In addition, the classmates were from different countries. 


Students Voice

This is the impression of students who have completed their studies in this school. Please see below. (Since the text of the e-mail received from the students is written as-is, please forgive me even if there are errors, typos or incomplete expressions.)

Principal Hirayama Ryomei

(Person of Cultural Merit in Okinawa Prefecture,  National Tanka Award Selection Committee)

Cross Cultural Communication Center Annexed Japanese School is located in Okinawa, the gateway of Southeast Asia, and has been established for those who plan to study at universities and graduate schools in Japan. We aim at fostering the young people who can dedicate themselves to Asia and the world in the global age by learning the Japanese language and the true history and shape of Japan. Our program also spends time and energy for the preparation of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and Examination for EJU (Japanese University admission for International Students). Aside from regular classroom lessons, you can also enjoy field trips to historical sites, participate in exchange gatherings with Japanese and international residents including students, practical workshops that can be found only in Okinawa. Our experienced and talented instructors are waiting for your challenges.


Contact Us

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4-13-8 Nagata, Ginowan, Okinawa, 901-2212

日本語教育振興協会 認定番号:B479 異文化間コミュニケーションセンター附属日本語学校

Accredited by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education: B479 

Cross Cultural Communication Center Annexed Japanese School 

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