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from Phillipines


When you are looking for finding what school would you like to enter. In my experience CCCC is the best school. There is an interaction between teachers & students and most of all there is also personal & closely follow up with the students who are having difficulties in Japanese studies.


from USA

Mark Carr

The teachers have guided me though from my beginning lessons up to the point where I can function in most situations both social and professional. They have worked a very flexible schedule for my studies that I could not find anywhere else.


from New Zealand

Gail Tripp

The Cross Cultural Communication Centre has played a very important part our lives since moving form New Zealand 18 months ago.

In addition to being excellent teachers, they have taken a genuine interest in our lives and eased the transition to a new country and new culture. They have accommodated our busy schedules and constantly encouraged us.


from CHINA

潘 琳

Came to the school, the teachers are enthusiastic towards me on everyone’s face is permeated with a smile, is also close to prepared herbal tea for me to get rid of the heat of summer, let me off at the strange and timid, have more firm confidence, with dreams and excitement that began of study life


from USA

Colin Schildhauer

CCCC’s classes are structured in a way that new vocabulary, kanji, and grammar are drilled through repetition and memorization. The classes are also taught solely in Japanese which is a crucial element when learning a new language that forces students to be creative and strive to use new vocabulary and grammar, that helps greatly in real life scenarios.



Ella Merom

I would like to tell you about my school: it’s pretty small, and has a homey atmosphere. The teachers are all very kind and assist me with everything I need.  This friendly atmosphere is very important for a foreigner in Japan.

My Japanese level is improving quickly. The various intensive classes, combined with using Japanese in the everyday life is a great way to upgrade your language skills.

​〒901-2212 沖縄県宜野湾市長田4-13-1

日本語教育振興協会 認定番号:B479 異文化間コミュニケーションセンター附属日本語学校

Accredited by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education: B479 

Cross Cultural Communication Center Annexed Japanese School 

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